When You Have Lost the Fear of Clicking

Every new blog entry is like a performance by a singer. Even the best are not usually relaxed minutes before going on stage. They know that past accomplishments don’t count and that one negative experience can erase 100 positive ones .

If You Are Not Afraid to Publish

It may take a lot of practice but Belarus B2B List you should never lose  your fear and respect when you hit the publish button. If you relax you will stop making an effort and that will mean that the quality and originality of your content will not be the same. Each entry should contain some of the following elements if you want to continue growing your blog.

A personal detail : a blog is related to one or more people. It is always something personal and the reader wants to know the person behind each entry. It helps you connect with him but at the same time you make yourself vulnerable.
Go against a popular opinion : always providing strong arguments. Do not confuse it with controversy because with that the only thing you get is to burn your image in exchange for 2 or 3 more visits to the blog.
Risking mistakes : nobody is perfect and we can all make mistakes. Nothing happens as long as we are able to admit it. At least you have had the courage to take the risk of not getting it right by not only going the safe way.

Fear Cannot Prevent You From Having

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Belarus Business Email List

I fully understand all those who say they are afraid to have a blog because they fear negative feedback from people. I understand perfectly seeing that I have been sharing it for 8 years. If you are panicking about having a blog because of the negative responses that may come here, there are still some points that can reassure you somewhat:

1. No one will read you at first : OK, this argument is not very motivating for a person who is considering launching their own blog, but it is. Let’s be honest. Apart from your partner, your mother and 2 or 3 friends who read it to do you a favor there will be no one else at the beginning.

2. You can never like it 100% : you have to accept. The fact that no matter how good you are, there will always be people who will say that what you publish is worth absolutely nothing. Each blogger usually finds his niche as does Justin Bieber although his will probably be bigger than yours. What you write is not for everyone but only for those who like your style, your content, your way of presenting, etc.

3. If you are not criticized you are not relevant : criticism in general is a good sign. To begin with, more people than your mother, partner and friends have begun to read you, so it can already be considered a success. You should not ignore them because the vast majority always contain real information that can help you continue to improve. You can even be grateful to them seeing that they dedicate time and attention to you. If they basically think that you are not someone to take seriously, they will not do it.

I don’t have the same nervousness that I had in my first weeks . But I still have respect for what can come after posting. Every day you have to convince again. The day you stop trying, you will stop wanting to be a good blogger.

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