When to Reply to an Email to Reduce Your Inbox?

I have a battle against my inbox. It seems that the more emails I answer, the more they come back. It is a losing fight. I can’t win it. All I have left is damage limitation.

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The other day I read on Twitter that Panama B2B List your inbox reflects the priorities of others but rarely your own. I don’t have the perfect solution but these rules give me some relief.

1. Respond from the top down : A simple “trick” to reduce the number of emails is to go from the top down. Many tasks are solved without the need for personal intervention because they become obsolete.

2. Respond to the urgent first – To be classified as “urgent” it has to have an immediate impact on revenue, reputation, or cause increased workload if I don’t react. It also avoids a second follow-up email by increasing the level of pressure.

3. Do Not Respond if You Have Missing Data :

Panama B2B Contact List
Panama B2B Contact List

The same applies if you do not have all the information available. If in spite of this you answer this mail it becomes a boomerang that requires 2 times a response.

4. Do not respond too quickly : this way you avoid everyone expecting an immediate response from you. I’m not saying it’s not the right way to do things but when you’re running multiple projects at the same time it just won’t be possible.

5. Respond to easy things quickly – even if they’re not very urgent. It helps to have a cleaner image of your inbox, which allows you to keep better control over what you have to answer now and the mails that still have time.

When and how to respond to an email is not an exact science. Something in the system is definitely wrong. Maybe the time has come for someone to invent a more effective tool.

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