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Probably not in 2021, but we can dream of google Hong Kong Phone Number scumbag competitors SEO tools AI In 2021. The huge leaps in AI will therefore not yet provide competition for Google. Where we will see the impact of GPT-3 in the coming year, is in tooling and content creation. And more tools, that’s what SEOs like! Good content can already be write quickly and easily using GPT-3. Think of emails, clickbait titles, but also entire blogs. The nuanced Hong Kong Phone Number understanding of language can also be use very well in keyword analysis tools or content idea generators. And when you combine these, you get, for example.  Skyscraper tool’ that writes content based on the subtopics of the top 10 for a certain keyword.

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Google answers I already explained above Hong Kong Phone Number that Google wants to understand human language as well as possible. That’s because, in Google’s view, digital assistants are the future. By interpreting users’ commands 100% correctly, Google Assistant can provide the best answer. major shift in computing every 10 years This desire to immediately give the correct answer is also reflected in the SERPs (the search results page). For SEO Hong Kong Phone Number professionals, ‘direct’ has more impact than ‘correct’. With the launch of Google Maps, featured snippets and Knowledge Graph, among others, the number of searches without clicks (zero-click searches) is already more than 50%.

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For more than half of all searches, Google Hong Kong Phone Number apparently immediately provides the correct answer! Not that Google itself provides this answer: Google scrapes websites and presents their content within its own website. This is completely against their own guidelines, but well Google walled garden knowledge panel Google wants to keep visitors within their own ‘walled garden’. This development has been going on for a while and is only Hong Kong Phone Number getting stronger. For SEO it is important to look at the visibility in the search results. The term ‘SERP real estate is also used for this. What impact do you have on the search results in terms of surface area, SERP features (Maps, review stars, product structured data, Ads, and yet also ranking? But left or right you cannot avoid moving with Google in this development. My advice: pay close attention to the search intent and think about how you can best meet this intent.

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