Is Good to Use a Nickname When I Have a Blog?

According to a 2012 study by the company Overblog, 68% of professional bloggers in Europe use a pseudonym (in the United States it is only 6%).

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The report does not reveal whether readers Italy Business Fax List are aware of the fact that the blogger is using a name other than the one on his ID or passport.

What are the reasons for using a pseudonym? Many of the reasons are reflected in the advantages and disadvantages of using an invented name.

Advantages of Using a Pseudonym in a Blog

There are actually more pros than cons to not using your real name on a blog. Maybe that’s why the vast majority of European professional bloggers choose this path.

1. You protect your personal identity : criticism affects you less because it is difficult for you to take it personally. You’re probably taking more of a risk on the answers since it’s harder to get a hold of yourself in case someone gets so pissed off that they want to wave at you one day with a baseball bat.

2. Personal Branding – Movie actors are the best example. Maybe you don’t have a name that is the most appropriate to be a fashion leader in a fashion blog. In this case you can choose a name that sounds cooler (I would love to give an example but to be honest I don’t know anything about the field of fashion).

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3. Job protection : having a job and having a blog always carries the risk of mixing both topics. E.g. Writing a post during business hours is not highly recommended. Even if your behavior is 100% correct, your co-workers or your boss could always suspect that you are working on your blog when you shouldn’t.

4. Touch sensitive issues : from anonymity you are protected in case you want to touch sensitive issues. It is not about being cowardly but in extreme cases your loved ones could be affected. Using a pseudonym you would be protecting them while denouncing injustices.

Disadvantages of Using a Pseudonym in a Blog

Although there are more advantages at the level of points at first sight, the disadvantages of not using your real name in a blog can be very significant. Surely this is not a specific list but these are some of the points that come to mind quickly.

1. Launch services and products of your own – A blog can become a major source of income over time. From the moment you want to sell your own services and products, you may be faced with the problem of having to issue invoices. If your client knows you only by your pseudonym, it can generate confusion and even mistrust.

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