The Importance of Letting Go of a Client When He Breaks Up With You

Casualty management is an unpleasant process when you start a business. It is considered a totally unproductive task since you are “taking away” future income. Nepal WhatsApp Number List . Many try to avoid it at all costs by putting obstacles to make it difficult to go down. It seems that there is hope that there will come a time when the client gives up and simply out of desperation continues with the service.

Many Companies Behave Like a Guy They Just Broke Up With

Pedro is a 24-year-old boy. His girlfriend just left him. It’s been 3 intense months full of ups and downs. He has been on the verge of leaving her several times. Nepal WhatsApp Number List . In the end, the lack of alternatives, her comfort and compassion for making her feel bad about her have prevented him from taking the painful step.

Now She Has Been Kicked and It Is His Turn to Suffer.

Pedro won’t make it so easy for Laura. He is going to fight for the relationship because it means something. Suddenly you can’t imagine a life without her. Nepal WhatsApp Number List .  He dreads spending weekends alone. He starts leaving non-stop messages on her answering machine because after the first 3 desperate attempts to get her back he won’t answer her phone anymore. He waits for her outside her work. He tries to talk to her. Laura threatens to call the police if he doesn’t immediately stop accusing her.

Stop here and don’t go on! Do you really think that poor kid has any chance of getting the girl back? Well, it seems not to me. Nepal WhatsApp Number List . It probably would have been better if she had reacted in the following way: “I understand you, Laura. I have really enjoyed the time I have been lucky enough to be with you. It is hard for me to have to leave you but I wish you the best in the world so that you find the man of your dreams.

Turn a “Goodbye” Into a “See You Later”

Nepal WhatsApp Number List
Nepal WhatsApp Number List

Just as Pedro has a hard time letting go of Laura, many companies create obstacles so that a client can break up with them. There are many obstacles and small letters that prevent an immediate end of the relationship. Nepal WhatsApp Number List . The vast majority do not understand that a “goodbye” is an opportunity for a “see you later”. The reasons behind a cancellation are not always dissatisfaction with a service. It may be circumstances beyond your control that prevent your client from continuing with you. Don’t make it any harder than necessary.

It is not only important to start well with a client but also to find a good ending. Relationships have a beginning, an end, and sometimes a new beginning. Nepal WhatsApp Number List . If you put obstacles to end a relationship this last phase you close it forever. It is worse. That client who may have had a satisfactory experience with you at the beginning will end up speaking ill of you because the last impression was negative.

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