When Does It Make Sense to Start Seo on a Blog?

The first surprise that you get reading the title of the post is that you don’t have to work on the web positioning of a blog from day one. Let’s see, this is not an exact science, so you can start searching and find at least 85,453 posts that tell you exactly the opposite. I base myself solely on my own experience of the last 8 years and the 20 blogs and dozens of web pages that I have had to abandon for having gone beyond what is allowed.

Why You Shouldn’t Worry Too Much About Seo When You Start

When you start to set up a blog, you already have enough with the weekly or daily tasks that having a blog entails. Do not complicate life by wanting to learn everything from the beginning. We must go step by step.

You run the risk of being penalized : this is what Estonia B2B Email List has happened to me and to everyone who starts with SEO. You go beyond what is allowe because you lack the experience of having burnes many web projects. Due to the lack of an overview, you run the risk that Google will give you the red card, leaving you out of the search engine results.
The most important thing is the content : without content, web positioning work is meaningless. It is the essential ingredient that has to mature. You have to give things time because Google needs time to trust you . Focus on content creation because they are the basis for the growth of each blog.
WordPress already considers the most important : the most important at the SEO level, the blogging platforms already take them into account. It is true that you have to touch little things like friendly URLs but with that you already have 80-90% of your tasks done. Although it can always be improved, it is a high enough percentage for Google to take you seriously (this blog does not have any more optimizations either).

Some Indicators to Know When to Start With Seo

Estonia B2B Email List
Estonia B2B Email List

As I said before, this is not an exact recipe or formula to identify the best time to invest time in SEO. It is rather about having an orientation to know when it could be worthwhile to improve web positioning.

1. After the first year : This  usually a good time to carefully start SEO issue because the site  already quite old and errors can be fixe more easily than if it is a new blog.

2. When you have created more than 100 posts : time as a solitary indicator is not enough because at the same time the blog must have provided a base of about 100 posts (to give a round figure). To do this you have to publish an average of 2 entries each week.

3. If you are in the top 20 of Google : if the first 2 points join the third, you have found an ideal time to carry out small SEO tasks. In my case I have realized that with “ marketing ” I am already in the top 20 without having made any effort to be in that position. With the internal link that I have put I have already done the necessary SEO to upload positions soon.

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