When Can You Consider Yourself a Blogger?

Now that he has run out of ideas for posts, he begins to dedicate himself to esoteric questions, you may be thinking. During the flight back from Barcelona to Madrid , Berto from Ciudadano 2.0 and I were chatting non-stop generating ideas for at least 5 posts, so there’s no need to worry. Once at home I read a tweet from a person commenting that it was strange that in the “Course for bloggers” that we held yesterday there were no “real” bloggers as speakers. To put it somewhat, I was surprised by this perception. It is not that I have a diploma that says “Master in Blogging” but until recently even in my Twitter biography the term “blogger” appeared, since it is something with which I identify.

Running a Marathon Does Not Make You a Marathon Runner

If you have just overcome Indonesia B2B List the crisis of the 30s, 40s or 50s finishing a marathon you can be proud of your achievement. Even so, you cannot consider yourself a marathon runner if you now return to the routine of eating French fries sitting on the sofa in front of the TV in your living room. I do not share truths in this blog but only opinions and experiences. Running a marathon in your life is a project. Being a marathon runner is a lifestyle.

Having opened a blog and already published some entries does not make you a blogger. You have to show that you are not part of the 95% of those who drop out before the end of the first year because they lose motivation. Exceeding 12 months is not the only thing that defines you as a blogger.

What Defines a Blogger and What Makes You One?

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The ideal blogger does not exist. Perfection is a waste of time because 100% never brings the added benefit of the effort involved. The question is not easy to answer because more than a moment or exact criteria, it is more a feeling that you have as a blogger. For me it is a bit like learning a language. You start little by little, you advance lesson by lesson and you wake up one day realizing that you speak English.

1. You think about your blog every day : for many, having a blog is becoming a lifestyle . It is your baby so you are concerned about what they say about it and how third parties see it. We grow fond of the things we like.

2. You have passion for your topic : writing and having a blog makes you happy. Without passion you don’t have the energy to hold on long enough until you realize you’re coming out of the anonymity phase.

3. You read blogs about blogging : yes, the fact that you are reading this post already says a lot about you. Apart from being considered a geek by 95% of your environment, you invest time to continue improving and learning about blogging.

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