The Art of Generating Emotions When a Reader Reads Your Post

The Internet has not changed the basic rules of human life. We continue to function through relationships. We look for people who are similar to us, who we admire, who we can help or simply like. Relationships work through emotions. We are attracted to those who make us feel good and sometimes even those who make us unhappy. The human being looks for extremes and what leaves him indifferent leaves no trace.

Why Emotions Matter in a Blog

In the world of blogs everything is Oman B2B List based on establishing relationships. Both with other bloggers and especially with your readers. I’ve learned that the most important thing is to write for people without worrying too much about what search engines think.

It helps you convert visitors into readers : emotions are your most powerful weapon when it comes to connecting with the reader. You generate a trust link with those who read you. Over time they have the feeling of knowing you without having met you in person. Visits are not relevant. What matters is that the user returns to your blog.
It has greater potential for diffusion on social networks : in an increasingly artificial world, everything that transmits emotions is related to honesty. People are looking for real characters with stories that are moving beyond what can be found on movie screens. Above all, social networks are a suitable channel for this type of content.
It is a linkbaiting technique : Twitter and Facebook are not the only channels where content that transmits emotions is disseminated. Blogs are another ideal place where each blogger has an interest in sharing information that adds value to her followers. With this type of posts, you therefore increase receiving links from other blogs that refer to you.

How to Make Your Readers Cry or Laugh

Being yourself is perhaps the best advice you can give. You have to accept that this implies that not everyone is going to like you. You know what? Absolutely nothing happens. Trying it is a waste of time with the result of not being a good fit for anyone.

1. Risk to disturb without offending : what you are looking for is not to leave anyone indifferent. But beware, do not confuse this now with being controversial. Never change 2 or 3 more visits to your blog with a provocative post for a burnt image. Few want to interact with people who seek care at the expense of third parties. It doesn’t matter if they’re right or not.

2. Share Something Embarrassing

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The best way to make others laugh is to laugh at yourself. Sharing something embarrassing can be one way. In addition, in many cases you are not the only one who does not know what SEO is, programming the video, ironing, English or any other thing that makes you a little embarrassed.

3. Say how you feel: a good way to convey emotions is by expressing them. Say how you feel when you share an experience. You don’t have to share intimate details. Sometimes it is the type of expression you choose that conveys what you think without the need to literally say “I feel good” or “I feel bad”.

4. Talk as if you were with friends : imagine that you are among the group of your friends. Do not think too much when writing your sentences. In the first version it is good to express it as it occurs to you. Relax to convey that feeling in your text. There is not only body language that allows you to read between the lines .

5. Reinforce your message with photos – Images are a powerful type of content. They are capable of influencing in such a way that you can even manipulate the opinion of your readers. You can make an emotional impact on those who read you because photos are a powerful carrier of emotion . More than manipulating, you should use them only to reinforce your message.

If you don’t want to leave your reader indifferent, you have to develop the ability to touch his little “little heart”. It is not about provoking emotions because I tell you that it is important for a blog to be successful. It has to be honest. People are not stupid.

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