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Pro Tip: I recommend everyone test paid ads regardless of the other channels they use. You can use paid ads to create a direct and scalable ROI if you’re willing to spend money buying data and testing different audiences to find what works for your business. And, once you find the keywords that convert, then you can launch an SEO campaign targeting those keywords. That way, you can be 99% sure they’ll convert for you before you spend the time and energy on SEO.

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How I Recovered 2,328 Abandoned Shopify Carts With YouTube Ads How Huckberry Went From $10,000 To $1,000,000. Revenue In 1 Year How Amazon Vietnam Phone Number Generates $136 Billion In Sales . On the one hand, you can build a massive, loyal following of people who buy everything you put out and beg for more products. That’s the dream. On the other hand, it’s a total time waster, filled with disappointing engagement on posts and superficial metrics that don’t really matter.

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Want to find out other places your competitor sells in addition to their Shopify site. To refine your search efforts, just keep adding exclusion terms to eliminate results like your competitor’s blog, help and contact pages, etc. By doing this, you’ll learn about other platforms your competition is selling on besides Shopify, discounts they’re offering their customers. And ways they promote their products so you can do the same (and more!) to take business away from them and generate more sales of your own. Ahrefs is a suite of online tools designed to help you boost your site’s traffic,

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