What you can learn about business opportunities from your kids

We have just arrived in Switzerland at a friends house to celebrate the baptism at the weekend. Those who have read the post where I talk about renewing my ID to be able to be here already know. It’s already 11 at night so I promise not to make out as much as last time… Undertake and little ones Fotolia photo rights The trip did not go as planned. Australia WhatsApp Number List so we arrived quite tired and I still had no ideas about what I was going to write in my last post. Observing the little ones of our friends, the idea that I was missing for the 00.01 article has come to me. Contents ] 1 Observe more carefully than others 2 Insists more than those who also try 3 Identify the best times to attack Observe more carefully than others One of the gifts we had brought for the 4-year-old boy were some Kinder Eggs.

Observe more carefully than others

His parents hadn’t paid much attention to what it was because it came with a different packaging than normal and you couldn’t see what it was at first glance. Australia WhatsApp Number List You could see right from his gaze that he had spotted an opportunity to still grab some chocolate despite already having dessert. Those who detect business opportunities are good observers. Australia WhatsApp Number List .They see money where others see nothing. You don’t have to be a visionary, with being attentive sometimes you go too far. It is about the passion with which you pursue a dream. Sometimes it can be the illusion of eating chocolate. Insists more than those who also try Lately I’m playing with my daughter “yes” and “no”.  Actually it’s not a game but she has a lot of fun with hers 2 years old she contradicts me. It doesn’t really have to be about something specific that I’m banning you, but just to see who has the last word. How I “experiment” I do tests to see when she gives up and doesn’t answer me anymore with a “no” to my “yes”.

Insists more than those who also try

Australia WhatsApp Number List
Australia WhatsApp Number List

I don’t know how many games we’re going for but I assure you I haven’t “won” a single time yet. This is a game but .Australia WhatsApp Number List a child never abandons his plans as easily as an adult. A business opportunity doesn’t have to work the first time. Sometimes you have to be as stubborn and insist as a 2-year-old girl to achieve the goal. Identify the best times to attack I return to the little one of our friends. As I have already told you before. Australia WhatsApp Number List you could see in his eyes that he was making plans to attack by surprise. We had moved from the kitchen table to the living room and his father and I were quietly having a beer. 2 or 3 minutes had already passed and we realized that one was missing. Turning around we saw how he was unpacking the second Kinder egg because he had already eaten the first one.

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