What Part of Your Life Are You Mortgaging?

The other day I had a very good conversation with a friend of mine from Alicante. He is one of the few people I know who can be defined as really happy . He has just had a child with her partner and you can see in her eyes that he considers that life is giving him everything and more than was expected of her.

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He was telling me off because he said that I have to disconnect from time to time. That working until 1 and 2 in the morning could not be healthy for me or for the family. Cyprus WhatsApp Number List I gave him the typical “excuse” that we had just set up a new company and that it was still a “fragile” issue because we are in our second month and such… “Carlos, there will always be something you just started, you never stop. You are mortgaging your life because even if you think you are living your dream, you always lose something.”

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1 Being happy is not free
2 The problem of always wanting more
3 Can you really have it all in life?
being happy is not free
Life in most cases is a desperate attempt to be happy. Few people find it and keep it forever because they take the wrong path and look for it in the wrong corners. Happiness is a state of mind starting in your head knowing what you expect from life in order to make the decisions that put you in motion to achieve it.

Being happy is not free. Suffering is part of the path because nobody gives you anything for free. Everything has a price even if it is free. Making painful decisions is part of the journey. Most people never reach a higher level of happiness because they are afraid of the consequences of a change. They maintain a status quo that makes them unhappy because they have learned to deal with it.

The problem of always wanting more

Brave people are aware that sacrifice is part of happiness like the darkness of light at the end of the tunnel. The problem is that suffering can turn into addiction. A challenge has to be more and more difficult than the previous one in order to reach the same level of happiness experienced. We are not satisfied with what we previously aspired to and we always seek to reach the next level.

Ambition is a coin with 2 sides. It makes you pull the car when the others are already without strength but it doesn’t allow you to ever stop either. An example that scared me was the suicide of the CEO of the leading Swiss telecommunications company Swisscom . At 42 years old, he had achieved the highest position that a person can aspire to working for someone else. Apart from leading this company for 7 years, he was dedicated to cross-country skiing, participating in the toughest and longest races in this discipline. A man who had it all at first sight. One of the prices he had to pay was the divorce of his wife.

Can you really have it all in life?

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I have another friend who has studied engineering for 5 years of his life. He has lived for a little over 2 years in the capital to practice his profession. In this short time he was given more responsibilities leading teams because he is hardworking and good at what he does.

He and his partner have not been happy living so far from family and friends.  They have been back for years and since then he has not returned to work as an engineer because in that area of ​​Spain there is simply no job for what he can offer. He earns his living with odd jobs that come his way. He has mortgaged his professional life to recover his personal part. I haven’t seen him in a long time and I haven’t asked him if he’s happy anyway also to avoid this topic since he never talks about it much.

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