What Makes You Leave a Mark in the Comments Field of Third-party Blogs

Very few readers comment on a blog. I remember reading a fact years ago (I don’t even remember where) that said something like less than 10% of people on the web leave a mark by giving feedback to the author. The vast majority of users do not connect with you. At most they share your post with their followers but in general they limit themselves to consuming.

If you have a blog and you don’t do it either, maybe you should change your strategy. Just a tweet from a couple of hours ago gave me the idea for today’s post. Do not miss the opportunity to leave your mark through the comments field.

1. It brings you new readers and visits : in case Chile B2B List you don’t believe me, I’ll also give you the screenshot of the tweet that inspired me for this post. One of my readers had found a new blog that she liked thanks to the comment that the person had left on it.

Tweet Related to a Comment From a Reader on My Blog

2. You get new followers : especially if you comment on the Ciudadano 2.0 blog . Take a look at their comment field. Some people already leave their Twitter account directly instead of linking to a web page. In the summary of my last participatory post I included the button to follow the readers to thank and reward their participation in this blog.

3. You get answers to your questions : luckily I don’t have all the answers. They are the readers who help me with doubts that I cannot solve. In this post it is clear that the answers are not only available to the authors but also the visitors themselves can help each other to find solutions. Comment if you need help.

4. You receive links to your blog : if you have read yesterday’s post on how to get links from a top blog, this point already sounds familiar. Just Alex from vivedelared.com told me this weekend that in his case he used to thank the participation of his most active readers with a link to his blog.

5. To Retain Your Readers :

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Chile B2B List

If someone comments on your blog, what you can do to thank them is to do the same on theirs. It is a way to show your appreciation. It is a pending point that I have with many of the readers of this blog…

I am aware that every time I publish a new post you can feel overwhelmed because the pending tasks for your blog accumulate. Do not be sad. Remember that in the world of online marketing in general there are no obligations but only options among which you have to find the most suitable for you.

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