What Learning the Klingon Language From Star Trek Brings You for Your Professional Life

Klingon is a language created for the Star Trek science fiction series and movies. According to Wikipedia there are a dozen people in the world who are experts in this language. It is not an official language in any country. It is not obvious to find good reasons to learn Klingon. Like the vast majority of people, you are always looking for reasons to do something and move.

1 You have a unique hobby that makes you clear your mind
2 You interact with interesting and competent people
3 You always have something to tell

Do You Have a Unique Hobby That Makes You Clear Your Mind?

Many people go running on a regular basis. More and more dare to run the distance of the marathon. There are many hobbies where you share an Canada Business Fax List interest with thousands of people. Learning the Klingon language makes you a special person. Surely you will need a lot of time to find another learner of the same language. From time to time it is good to clear your head with something that has nothing to do with your business.

You Interact With Interesting and Competent People

People with these types of interests are often called geeks or nerds . No one understands the why behind certain behavior and displays of passion for television series like Start Trek or Star Wars. In general, these are people with a high IQ. Many of them have high paying jobs because they are simply good at what they do. It is a way to enter networking circles that few have access to. It could even be a competitive advantage.

You Always Have Something to Tell


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When you have to talk to someone, it’s always hard to find topics beyond time. You will surely never have a problem sharing something of interest. Some may directly classify you as a geek and they will look at you with a strange face but in this case you do not lose anything because tolerance is an important factor in a person. The rest will consider you as an interesting person with whom you want to keep in touch. In the business world sympathy is key .

As much as , I am a very rational person. I have never considered learning Klingon and it is very unlikely that I ever will. I love people with all kinds of passions and especially those that are out of the ordinary. Being different is a key factor in the business world and it starts with the personality of the entrepreneur.

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