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Christ. I work in my local congregations and in my country. 2. How could you be so insightful with these terms: CryptoCurrency, Blogging, WordPress and App Development? First, the internet has everything for anyone to become anything. I became interested in HTML in 2004. Then I moved on to PHP / MySQL. As a web developer, I made EasyRetweet, and it attracted many bloggers. This led me to blogging, and in 2016 I got into cryptocurrency where I got certified in early 2018 as a cryptocurrency expert. I wrote more about it here. 3. What drives you to develop these plugins – EasyRetweet, CashDonator, ViralBird and so on? I’m

sure there will be strong reasons

behind each creation. My idea for EasyRetweet came from a Twitter site called Twiends. Within a year of starting EasyRetweet, I had over 10,000 active members Audit Directors Auditors Email Lists with millions of Twitter followers in total. ViralBird started off as a sort of pay-with-a-tweet idea. It was a standalone content locking script. I’ve had some success with this, but haven’t allocated any resources to it. CashDonator was an ad management plugin for WordPress. It allowed users to create ad boxes anywhere on their WP blogs.

These boxes can hold anythin

Audit Directors Auditors Email Lists

But I didn’t see a future for the plugin idea since most premium themes were starting to be more flexible. In fact, I have developed and sold other plugins and platforms. I think I like being a serial entrepreneur 4. What would you say is your biggest achievement so far in the blogging industry? Also, the big fall. I think the relationships I’ve built so far are my greatest achievement. There’s nothing more impressive than being able to talk with tons of professional bloggers around the world and connect with them on a more personal note. Over time, I became a better writer and blogger. I’ve written

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