Social Proof – What It Is and What It Is for in Online Marketing

Social Proof is a concept that describes the psychological phenomenon that in Spanish is also known under the term social proof. Although I try to avoid the use of anglicisms on this occasion, the English version seems more appropriate to describe how it works.

What Is Social Proof ?

Human beings need third party confirmation Slovakia B2B List to make or confirm a decision. We typically do not trust our own judgment or common sense. It is reflecte eg in a car park. Drivers often queue up where other vehicles are ahead, bypassing entrances where they would not have to wait. If there is no queue, the association is that there must be a problem because otherwise there would be cars.

A similar phenomenon is sometimes observed in supermarkets. Put 2 ice cream parlors next to each other. You will always opt for the one with a tail. If there are people waiting when the other is empty, there must be an important difference that deserves the waiting time. In many aspects we are solitary beings but especially in new situations we are guided by the herd and follow it.

The Social Proof Applied in Marketing

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Slovakia B2B Contact List

The subconscious of the human being is the great unknown for marketing. The reasons are not always taken rationally. Neuromarketing tries to study these phenomena in order to predict them and use them to increase the success of promotional campaigns. Social Proof is reflectes in some basic aspects that you can observe every day on web pages.

1. Size matters : make no mistake, size does matter in marketing. You can see it everywhere. Every time you see a person on Twitter with many followers, you unconsciously associate that they have to be of some kind of importance and you may even become interested in them. Why do you think the number of subscribers is liste below the subscription field on this blog? I want to take away your fear and show you that there are already many people who follow my content every day so it could be a good idea for you to do the same.

2. Use of testimonials : if I am a brand or company, it is evident that I tell you that I am good and that you should buy or hire me.  A recommendation totally changes the perception, especially if it is not encourages. Although sometimes the testimonials may have an award, many of us perceive them as more reliable.

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