What It Has Given Me to Close My Twitter Account for 1 Week

With 1 word: relaxation. After being overwhelmed and about to close my Twitter account it was definitely necessary to make a cut. It has been like being on vacation for 1 week in which you relax so much that in the end you already want to return. Following the tradition of offline experiments , I present a brief summary of what was observed.

Surprising Effect of the “1 Week Without Twitter” Experiment

The bad thing is that Armenia B2B List I have not written down the number of followers before starting my “vacation”. One of the surprising effects is that there was no negative impact such as losing followers. It is rather the opposite and this is where the surprise comes from.

Without having the exact data, I have had the perception of having gained more followers than when I tweet. One conclusion could be that from the moment I start to open my mouth on Twitter I’m “fucking it up”. I am lucky that my posts are share a lot on Twitter. Only the creation of content can bring you new followers without having a high activity. Now this does not mean that now I start talking as little as possible. You can never please everyone so I’m not going to try either.

Why Am I Staying and How Do I Manage My Account From Now on


Armenia B2B List
Armenia B2B List

It has been above all thanks to the comments on the post where I shared my thoughts on a possible closure of my Twitter account that have convinced me to stay. It brings an amazing energy to see that there are people out there that what to others may be bullshit (and probably is) to them if they care.

I like radical decisions but it would probably have been too drastic. I have realized that there are some aspects in which I was wrong and on which I have changed my opinion.

1. You can not respond to everyone : everything is possible without a doubt. But there comes a time when you have to prioritize. Seeing your number of followers grow is something that is a bit intimidating and you always want to keep up with everyone. Along with the daily post and the thousands of topics I’m involve in, it’s not always possible to reply to everyone without stressing yourself out and losing the desire to be here. Before it seemed to me a lack of education but now I understand better why it is not always possible.

2. You have to be more disciplined : stress is caused by a lack of discipline. You let yourself be distracted by Twitter and you’ve quickly lost 10-20 minutes chatting and browsing. When you have a family, 20 minutes can go a long way. I have realized that I have lengthened the time I am in the bathroom by 30% because these are the only times in the day where I have time for you and your business without distraction.

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