What Is Trojan Marketing and How Can I Use It to Get More Sales?

A couple of years ago I read a marketing book with the title “Trojanisches Marketing” when I was still a Swiss. Without having knowledge of German, you can still guess that the literal translation is Trojan marketing. Probably one of the associations that comes to mind is Homer’s Odyssey and the strategy of the Greeks to enter the fortified city.

Before you get blown away I confess that I had to do a quick Wikipedia search to find out the origins of the famous Trojan Horse . The term is also used in the computer world to describe malicious software that is disguises as a normal program for everyday use. Obviously I do not want to motivate you to carry out illegal actions to get more sales, so I focus on the ethical part of the term.

Definition and the 3 Fields of Trojan Marketing

ow each activity the main objective is to Cyprus B2B List get more sales. It is a “perfect” mix of different existing fields of marketing, some of which have already been discusses in this blog on other occasions. Trojan marketing makes use of elements from the following 3 disciplines:

Direct Marketing : can be summarize under marketing activities that seek a short-term result to generate sales, such as teleshopping programs, cold calls, brochures, etc. What Is Trojan Marketing and How Can I Use It to Get More Sales? Guerrilla Marketing : street actions at events or other types that generate an impact through surprise in people and spread easily from offline to online. Marketing of Happiness : the results at the sales level are not achieved directly, but a branding effect is sought through making people happy and leaving a mark. The authors of the book Roman Anlanger and Wolfgang A. Engel summarize Trojan marketing as follows:

“We have taken the most efficient idea of ​​all time: the Trojan Horse. Good advertising is visually appealing and creates happiness for the viewer. Despite its harmless appearance, it has the objective of selling. Good advertising is more than pretty pictures and messages. It has to unconsciously generate a desire towards the target audience.”

How to Use a Trojan Horse for Marketing in a Legal Context

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Just in case I repeat it. I am not about to explain . How to program malicious software that illegally brings customers to your website and generates sales. Trojan marketing does not seek that. In its operation, rather than being implante in the users’ computers, it seeks to be in the heads of potential clients.

1. Making a Wish – Do you know the Ax man? It does not matter what gender you are since it is very likely that the answer is “yes”. This fictional character is how all men see themselves in their dreams (or sometimes in their mirrors). The brand generates a desire to be like . The Ax man that is irresistible to women from the moment he applies deodorant. Maybe it even helps them because it gives them the necessary confidence to conquer and seduce.

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