What Is Quality Content and What Is Smoke in the World of Blogs?

To begin with, quality content is not something that you decide or I decide. It is something that users decide because a punctual evaluation is not relevant. What counts is the “democratic” vote to call it somehow.

The Misuse of the Word “smoke” by Many Users

To define the opposite, we speak of junk content or sometimes also of “smoke”. It is a word that I personally do not like too much because it has a negative connotation that implies deception. That is to say, someone who publishes a post that someone titles with “smoke”, implies that the author of the same does it with bad intention. Specifically, he wants to take advantage of the ignorance of beginners by selling them something that does not add value in the best of cases.

It is easy to speak of “smoke” when what you really mean is that you simply do not like the content or do not agree with its message. Ghana WhatsApp Number List Everyone can have her opinion but it is dangerous to title something or someone with this term because what reaches the rest of the people is directly “fume sellers”. Words are a weapon so you have to use them carefully to assess the work of others.

Possible Characteristics of Quality Content

Talking about quality is something purely subjective. Each person is different so their perception of the world is not the same as their neighbor’s. Taking this as an excuse not to propose some possible features would be cowardly. So I’ll give you some subjective ideas around the expression “quality content”.

1. Elaborate content : This does not mean that it has to be a post with many words. A short article can be of quality when each phrase and each piece of information has been given 2 or 3 turns to express it in the best way. Ghana WhatsApp Number List . It takes more time to write a sentence that expresses everything in a simple way than 4 or 5 that contain the same thing.

2. Non-obvious information : If you are an advanced user on a topic, everything you read on blogs about your topic may seem obvious to you. This is not the point I am referring to. In this case you know more than the vast majority of people so you are not really worth judging in this case. Typically 80-90% of people who go to blogs for information are newbies. What they are looking for is basic information. If your ratio of adding value is 80% or higher, it could be said that it is information that is not obvious to them.

3. Provide Facts and Figures :

Ghana WhatsApp Number List
Ghana WhatsApp Number List

This goes on a line with the first point. An elaborate content provides supporting information that reinforces the arguments used. Everyone can have an opinion and it is not a problem. This arises when they want to sell us the same as truth. In my blog I do it in 49.7% of the cases.

4. Correctly cite the sources : quality content makes the effort to correctly cite the sources. In none of the cases does the author appropriate third-party articles and then sell them as his own. Ghana WhatsApp Number List .We could say that there is an unwritten code among bloggers to correctly cite your sources. A type of content of typically very high quality is the white paper (the term is Spanish would be “white book” ) that can be considered as a kind of scientific article. Aggregate the best sources on a topic and seek to cover all aspects in detail by citing the leading sources of different authors.

5. It is popular content : with the exception of humorous videos or photos or inappropriate content, the level of diffusion on social networks and the number of comments on a blog could be an indicator of quality content. Ghana WhatsApp Number List . At the end of the day, it is a democratic process that, as I indicated at the beginning, does not depend on what you or I consider, but what the average person values.

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