What Is Karma Online and What Is It for?

Especially in the world of online marketing, people love tricks. They turn a difficult task into something relatively easy to accomplish. Today I am not going to share my best “trick” of the last 3 years but something much better. It has something to do with karma online.

According to Wikipedia, Karma is “a transcendent energy (invisible and immeasurable) that is derived from the actions of people”. Even this definition is still a bit short to make the transition to online. We will have to start from scratch to explain it.

Definition of Online Karma or Karma 2.0

Karma online or karma 2.0 is what you earn Singapore Business Fax List when you start doing different actions on the internet without expecting anything in return. The great advantage of the online channel is that apart from reaching individual people, it is possible to reach groups and masses of people making a very similar effort in both cases.

Create and share knowledge : as a blogger you can get karma online through the creation of content on your website. You offer what you know without asking for anything in return from your readers. For those who write, the greatest satisfaction is the feedback they receive from the people who read their posts.
Troubleshooting and Helping – As a forum user this is probably one of the things you’re doing on a regular basis. Especially if you already have experience in a specific field, it may be relatively easy for you to solve problems of a beginner on the same subject.
Motivate to move your ass : this is what Isra García’s Mapmakers initiative aims to do . If you read her blog frequently, you can imagine the type of “mueveculos” content that you will find. He is accompanied by a multitude of collaborators who want to share optimism and enthusiasm to move forward.

What It Gives You to Work Your Karma Online

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Singapore Business Fax List

And why all this work? It’s okay to help others but I already have enough problems to help myself. Giving without expecting anything in return makes you receive much more than what you contribute over time.

1. Position yourself in a niche : as the weeks, months and years go by you will have been able to reach more and more people. They will perceive you as someone they can go to for information, help, advice or whatever within a specific topic. You can become a reference for children’s education, horticulture, bicycle repair or whatever.

2. You learn non-stop : with each contact you generate, you receive feedback . It is a learning cycle that starts and ends continuously. It is a unique opportunity to never stop learning new things. Knowledge does not come only from those who give the best answers but from those who ask the good questions. Reflection is the starting point for learning.

3. You Get Informal Alliances :

you can also call it networking if you prefer. There is the currency of favor that, although it can never cause the obligation to be mutual, but simply by its nature it is. Over time, “debts” are created with many people that generate the desire on the part of those who have received your help to be useful to you in some way at some point in your life.

4. You create unexpected sources of income : and of course it also allows you to earn money. You have to understand that this point is a consequence of the online karma obtained and is never the first step. You have to live on something and even if you help without expecting anything in return, the most important thing is that your family is well. Over time, unexpected sources of income will emerge. “Course for bloggers” was created at the request of readers and has had more than 400 paying students since the end of September 2012.

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