What Is Email Marketing

Four days allows you to maximize the event and generate buzz without dragging it on for too long such. That it loses momentum and the participants forget about it.  There is a certain virality that comes with doing giveaways, and you can bake that right in by incentivizing sharing. Choose 1-2 social media platforms your audience spends time on, and incentivize sharing on those platforms only. Don’t clutter their trajectory by giving them 10 places to share on social media plus entering by giving you their email.

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I identified that my target audience spends a lot of time on Twitter, so I incentivized Twitter sharing. Check out how one participant entered the Sleep Sumo giveaway Jamaica Phone Number List and shared it with a Tweet. Screenshot showing a Twitter post promoting a giveaway The best place to start getting the ball rolling with initial entries is your existing email list. Yes, even if you only have 5 people on it. When you send the email, don’t forget to remind them of its end date.

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Most people will find out about. Your giveaway and forget about it if they didn’t enter right away, so let people know that your giveaway is ending 4 hours before it ends. You get most of your rush at the beginning and end of your giveaway, so sending. A reminder email 4 hours before the end will ensure maximum entrants (and therefore more emails). Screenshot showing an email about a giveaway SET UP SOCIAL MEDIA REMINDERS Tweet out reminders that your giveaway is ending every hour for the last 3 hours, and then for 30 minutes,

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