What Are the Criteria at the Entrepreneurial Level to Choose a New Project?

I am increasingly fortunate to have had the luck and opportunity to launch a start-up and fail. For the next time I have already learned some valuable lessons that help increase the probability of success of the next project. You don’t have to have “failed” to want to embark on a new adventure. If you do, keep the following criteria in mind.

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1 Experience within the field you want to enter
2 Knowledge of the operation and basic rules of the market
3 The passion for the subject that gives you energy from day to day
4 The network of contacts to find customers, suppliers, staff and collaborators
5 The resources you have today

Experience Within the Field You Want to Enter

In my case it has been very poor. I did not know Cambodia B2B List much about the world of online advertising apart from having used Google Adwords for my campaigns. In the end, everything is learned but it is better to already have experience within the sector in which you want to launch your new project. It should also be based on the market in which you plan to be present. Working in a country like Germany or Switzerland where I was before coming to Spain is not the same.

Knowledge of the operation and basic rules of the market
This point differs from experience. You can be working for years in the online marketing market and not know the difference between Google Adwords (advertisers) and Google Adsense (web support). It is an example that I have come across often in our industry. Over time we have accumulated a deep knowledge of the market. This has helped us to adapt the business model after 2 years. Having this knowledge from day one would have helped us use the resources well to achieve the objectives.

The Passion for the Subject That Gives You Energy From Day to Day

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Cambodia Business Email List

It’s a cliché but it’s true. Without passion for what you do, it is impossible to find the energy to pull the car. At first you feel like Superman so it’s important to take care of yourself. What at first appears to be an infinite source can easily turn into a nightmare and burn you out if you don’t take your breaks. Never choose what you think can make you a millionaire, but rather choose what will help you get up as a happy man or woman every day.

The network of contacts to find customers, suppliers, staff and collaborators
There is nothing as powerful as your network of contacts in the business world. Only 1 year ago I discovered the power of meeting the right person at the right time. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. Especially in the online world you can be wrong and think that things work differently. It doesn’t matter if your business is a web page because in the end those who buy from you are human beings. They are other people who help you get to this point through advice, favors, support or whatever. If you try to run alone or only with the help of your team you limit your possibilities and options. I didn’t see it like that before but now I have it clearer than water.

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