Weberyday or How to Organize a Guerrilla Marketing Style Event on Web 2.0

If you have a good idea, you just have to do it! Those who remember this post may have wondered what was the inspiration to write it. Well now you have the answer. Webery Day is an e-commerce event with 8 intensive workshops on SEO, feasibility, financing, online marketing, social networks, web analytics, etc. with an exclusive focus on online stores.

An Experiment in Guerrilla Marketing 2.0 and Personal Goals

For me it is an experiment seen that I participate for the first time in the organization of an event with these dimensions. The personal objectives are several:

A viral marketing experiment : put into practice Rwanda B2B List some theories about how viral marketing works in a real world and case. I want to see and understand if they work or if they are a total failure
Promote with little marketing budget : launching a blog and promoting it is a matter of work and patience. In this case we have 1 month of time and there is no budget to promote it. Will it be possible to fill the event?
Branding for Coguan : I am the founder and CEO of Coguan. I am interested in our start-up being related to electronic commerce, which is why we are one of the sponsors of the event.
Generate income : It is clear that you also want to generate income with this model. We have applied a very risky formula where it is easy for us to lose money because of the way tickets are sold.
Applied elements of guerrilla marketing in web 2.0 for WeberyDay
I have been impatient for days to announce the event. It has many very risky elements that have emerged as crazy ideas in a Starbucks in Plaza de España. It seems that nobody has dared to put them into practice, so in 1 month we will see if it is because they really have not been as good as we thought.

1. Creating Curiosity Before Launching

Rwanda Business Email List
Rwanda Business Email List

Human beings are a curious species. This element has been little used for this event. The only mention has been in the post linked in this post at the beginning (and not really saying much). If you already reach a medium or large audience through social networks, you can tell small details without saying everything. You have to highlight what is really special because something that is purely commercial does not interest anyone.

2. A good product : Viral marketing cannot be planned. If you have a good product, you increase the probability that the word will spread. In our case, we wanted to have 8 really practical workshops with speakers who know what they are talking about Having these people also costs money, so the bet made increases with the expenses you make without having sold a single ticket.

3. Sale price from 1 euro : this is the really risky part but the one that I almost like the most about the event. It is an event for agile entrepreneurs and a very basic lesson to learn is that if you arrive late it will always cost you more than the other way around. I am very curious to see the evolution of ticket sales with this operation. The event has a value of 200 euros or more for the quality of the content. No one will be able to take my laptop away from me when we open ticket sales on March 8th.

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