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BloggingJoy Posted: 2020-12-01 Today, let’s have an exciting interview with Santanu Debnath from BloggingJoy. One big thing that I admire is that it always aims to help beginners or new bloggers to the extreme. Thanks to his Facebook group, he manages to interact with them. He is a full time blogger now passionate about spreading the vibe to make money online. Recently, he launched his blog, BloggingJoy leaving his other blog MyPassiveIncome. He is now with all his mind to blog about the blogging niche by sharing his knowledge. Interview with Santanu Debnath, Blogging Joy Through this interview with Santanu Debnath, he shares his blogging journey, how blogging makes money for his life, SEO tools he uses,

Santanu’s blogging partner – Manidipa

WordPress, etc. He was an IT professional working at a software company. Later, he quits his job as he is more enthusiastic about pursuing his career wit VP Quality Email Lists blogging. Along with BloggingJoy, he also runs several other niche blogs. And he’s also my long-time blogger friend. Let’s get into the interview with Santanu Debnath. 1. Share a few words about your inspiration leading to BloggingJoy and your journey online. Thank you Sathish for giving me this opportunity to be featured on your blog. Blogs are a wonderful way to express your experiences or knowledge to help others. I started to write about different topics in WordPress and blogging initially. But little by little, after

starting my Facebook group, I discovered

VP Quality Email Lists

the true purpose of the blog which is to help others with my experience and knowledge. Learning is not just about reading; it is about learning by sharing knowledge. And that’s the real message that I try to express through my blog. 2. What is your partnership with Manidipa as professional bloggers? In what areas do you two help each other with blog promotions? I love this question, I have been a partner of Manidipa for a long time, we are the best childhood friends and always share everything. It may sound cinematic, but we love spending time with each other, chatting about everything we do online and offline. Specifically, in blogging, we always help each other fill in the gaps.

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