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How Google views the experience has a lot to do with the creator of the content. What does Google know about them? And how much care, effort and skill has gone into creating a particular piece of content? The context of a piece of content also plays a role: the level of experience. Google expects depends on things like the general level of experience available for. A topic and whether it’s a Your Money or Your Life page.

Question #1: Who is behind the content? The main factor that Google looks at when it comes to experience is where the information is coming from. Is it written by someone who knows what he’s talking about? And what is your reputation when it comes to this field? But also, when Azerbaijan whatsApp number list someone refers to other sources: who are those people? And has this other source been used to support the page creator’s own experience. Or has its content just been copied and pasted? The latter, as you can probably guess, will not be seen as experience.

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Experience depends on context When you invest time, effort, experience, talent and skill in your content, Google will consider this evidence for the EAT of the page. However, high-quality content can be created by experts, but also by hobbyists and people with everyday experience. Essentially, the standard that Google maintains on your page depends on the purpose and type of content. For example, when it comes to news articles and informative pages, the content should be factually accurate and supported by expert consensus where it exists. These and other YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) pages have a high standard of accuracy and a well-established medical/scientific/historical consensus.

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These pages require more formal ways of displaying expertise, such as insight into the author’s academic achievements, qualifications, status, and career focus. On the other hand, Google also considers casual experience to be a sign of quality content. Writing about your own experiences and giving good advice, showing talent or DIY skills are a form of daily experience. And this experience can be assessed based on the skill level represented in the content, engagement, or user reviews.

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This is often the case for pages that are not considered YMYL pages. How to show your expertise You want Google to consider your content to be of high quality. That’s why you want to show them your expertise when it comes to one or more topics where you’re an expert. While Google doesn’t provide us with an easy checklist of how to display their experience, we can use their guidelines to figure out what they’re going to watch. Based on this, we have some tips on how to showcase your expertise in the content you create. Talk about what you know It seems pretty obvious, but you should create content on the topics you have knowledge of. Not only will this help your ranking when it comes to search terms on this topic, but writing about what you know comes more naturally too.

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