What Can You Do When Your Customers Have Very Different Needs and Demands?

A recommendation in any basic marketing book says that you have to focus on a specific target audience. It is characterized by being a homogeneous group that has very similar demands for which you can provide a solution that adapts 90% to everyone’s needs.

Problems that come with having very different demands from your customers
If we lived in an ideal world that would be so. Unfortunately, the business world is characterized by being imperfect. The problems that it can bring also constantly generate new opportunities.

You create an offer that does not fit everyone : in the worst case, you could even have a product or service that does not fit anyone. If the demands vary a lot, it is impossible to cover all the needs with a single offer.
Dissatisfaction on the part of Croatia B2B List your customers : as a consequence, you run the risk of causing dissatisfaction on the part of a large part of your customers if you are not able to react in time. This state of mind can lead to unsubscribes and negative viral marketing harming the reputation of your business.
Inefficient processes due to lack of standards : the lack of standards due to the variety of clients leads to a higher production cost. An increase in demand in this case does not necessarily improve margins since efficiency does not increase.

Three Options to Manage a Wide Variety Among Your Customers

Imperfections allow the generation of new sources of income for those who know how to take advantage of them. Managing complexity by definition is not an easy task. If you find yourself in the situation of having a very heterogeneous clientele, you have some options to solve the existing problems.

1. Dismiss low-margin clients : You have to accept that you can’t be like by everyone. The consequence could be that you discard those clients that are less profitable than others. That way you can focus on those that allow you to have a higher margin while achieving greater satisfaction on their part.

2. Create a modular offer – Creating modular products and services allows you to reach a larger target audience. Through the definition of standards that combin generate a more complex offer, they allow costs to be kept at a more moderate level. The automotive sector is a perfect example to create an offer, while achieving high efficiency.

3. Launch a New Brand :

Croatia B2B List
Croatia B2B List

Sometimes it is counterproductive to launch different offers. You have to think only of high-end and low-cost products. A brand would lose image and credibility trying to reach all different types of customers and wallets in this way. The simplest solution is to launch different brands that cover the highest or lowest segment.

The client being a human being by nature is complex. If different needs and demands are add, achieving the satisfaction of all can become an impossible task. You have to react in time before risking running away to the family.

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