Verticals That May Benefit You in One Way or Another

tool and feed your competitor’s domain URL and access its backlinks profile. Several ways to replicate a competitor’s backlink strategy From the results of competitor backlink analysis, you can drill down through different verticals that may benefit you in one way or another. Here are the typical but most powerful strategies that you can adapt through your competitor’s hard work. #1 competitor analysis in your niche Analyzing competitor’s backlinks can help you build an optimal online marketing strategy. This can help you understand the market better. You will know why they are ranking for specific search terms. Find out the growth of their link profile over the years or any stipulated period. Above all, content is the big thing we need

to talk about. By going through your

competitor’s link profile, you can quickly get a clear picture of what type of content is attracting huge backlinks. Through which, you can make slight adjustments CEO Email Addresses to your content creation if you feel essential. Next, what types of domains are related to your competitor’s domain? Which page on your competitor’s site offers the most link opportunities? Anything, you have it at your fingertips. Simply put, you will understand how competitive your niche is. Where will you need to improve to outperform the competitions? What type of landing page, content should you create? What class of people is your competitor’s audience? You will have a roadmap after that. #2 Potential New Link Building Opportunities

The next big thing you can benefit

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from competitor backlink analysis is link prospecting. This is almost what you got from the competitor analysis discussed above. A step forward, you will put into action based on the analysis. Competitor analysis can reveal quality link prospects that you haven’t had links to so far. You can dig deeper. Since, your competitor will be linking to another site in the same niche anyway. Your prospecting link goes beyond your expectations. You will explore more link building opportunities in your niche. Plus, you’ll see a few domains linking to all of your competitors’ sites. But you didn’t. It’s time to analyze these areas and generate backlinks. Probably, these sites are the easily replicable areas where you can easily get

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