Utopia: Imagine a World With a Queued Communication

Today the post is a little out of the topics that I usually deal with on this blog. It is a reflection that could one day result in a business model. Maybe today what I am going to propose to you is a utopia, but if we continue at this rate, the demand will surely grow

What Is the Communication Problem Today for Many People?

You are still going to read the following lines and you are going to think “what madness”. Jamaica WhatsApp Number List . Jamaica WhatsApp Number List . It is also quite likely that you feel quite identified with what my world of communication is. These are my main channels to communicate with people (both friends and business contacts):

Mail : about 100-200 emails answered and received daily on average.
Mobile : about 3-5 calls made and received each day.
Comments : 70-100 comments received and 30-50 responses every week.
Skype : about 3-5 conversations and 30-50 messages exchanged daily.
Twitter : about 200-300 mentions, 3-5 direct messages and 20-30 tweets.
LinkedIn : 10-20 messages received and 2-3 replies each week.
Whatsapp : 30-50 messages received and sent per week.
The current trend is the creation of more and more communication channels at the same time. What is the problem of this evolution and the way we use them?

1. Management of third party priorities : above all, the mails reflect the priorities of third parties and not their own. Jamaica WhatsApp Number List . We are constantly managing what is important to other people but it does not always help us (in the short term) for our own goals.

2. Expectations of immediacy in the response : channels like Twitter require an immediate response. Whatsapp makes matters worse because instead of hours our patience is shortened to a few minutes. Sometimes readers contact me by form when I don’t approve a comment the same day.

3. Errors in the interpretation of the message : all communication channels have the problem of a possible misinterpretation by the recipient of the message. The face-to-face that provides information that words do not cover is missing.

Reply Only 1 Message at a Time With a Queued Communication

Jamaica WhatsApp Number List
Jamaica WhatsApp Number List

I already say it in the title. Today this communication system is a utopia. Imagine a world where you would only have to reply to 1 message at a time. Jamaica WhatsApp Number List . The rest would be in line and would have to wait for their turn. In my utopian universe this could work as follows:

1. Aggregation : Application that aggregates all communication channels. Includes Twitter, Facebook, emails, telephone, etc.

2. Delivery : when you send a message you receive a response that you are queued. Jamaica WhatsApp Number List . When you are in first position you receive a feedback that the delivery has been completed.

3. Priority : to get up in the queue you would have to pay money to the recipient. The application could take a percentage of commission.

Obviously this system would not have the same utility for everyone. For those people who are already very saturated, they might be interested.

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