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Screenshot showing landing page on bushwick kitchen What started out as a 30-day challenge between two friends. Morgen, an entrepreneur who founded Ideapaint and Casey. A food lover who wanted to create a hot sauce company, has blossomed into a highly successful eCommerce business. The company started out as MixedMade in 2014 (it rebranded to Bushwick Kitchen in 2016) and in its first year. The company generated $170,000 in revenue from its one product at the time, Bees Knees Spicy Honey.

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How did Bushwick Kitchen grow from a 30-day experiment to $170,000 in sales in one year. First, Morgen and Casey wanted to validate their idea before they invested in Bolivia Phone Number manufacturing and production costs. To do this, they launched a simple website with: Designs Bolivia Phone Number of what they thought the product would look like A price. Based on estimated costs Screenshot showing a product page. This simple sales page helped Morgen and Casey to pre-sell $525 of their spicy honey. With some initial sales in the bag, the duo began to produce the honey.

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Then, to get a few extra sales and share his new adventure, Casey compiled a mailing list of 400 friends and contacts he’d picked up over the course of his career and sent out a message to them via email, which helped them get up to $1,000 in sales.[*] Here’s a copy of the exact email Casey sent:[*] Screenshot showing an email And once the first batches of the sauce had arrived, Morgen and Casey needed to really kick-start their growth.

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