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Neon Poodle was founded when Sammy Gibson Italy Phone Number List wanted a customized. Child-friendly neon sign for her daughter’s bedroom. After failing to find Italy Phone Number List something suitable. Sammy scratched her entrepreneurial itch and decided to create her own neon signs that were. Beautiful Italy Phone Number List and simple to customize Safe to be used in Italy Phone Number List children’s rooms The result was Neon Poodle. And in just three years, Neon Poodle became Australia’s #1 eCommerce store for neon signs.

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But with the Australian market reaching a saturation point, the biggest challenge for Sammy and her co-founder (and husband), Jason, became how to continue their Italy Phone Number List growth. They decided to go international, expanding their store into Europe and North Italy Phone Number List America. The expansion into these two additional markets took around 18 months with many Italy Phone Number List hurdles to jump. For example: Finding couriers like ShipStation for U.S. orders and using Avalara for tax management across U.S.

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States Setting up Stripe to handle Italy Phone Number List international payments without additional fees and costs. Using BigCommerce to create dashboards for each country to manage and measure growth and sales in each location. But the results are astounding and prove that all Sammy Italy Phone Number List and Jason’s hard work has definitely paid off as Neon Poodle’s revenue has grown by 232.14% since the international expansion.[*] TAKEAWAY: CAST A WIDER NET TO BOOST GROWTH When you first start out,

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