Using Micro-List Building

How did Bushwick Kitchen grow from a 30-day experiment to $170,000 in sales in one year. First, Morgen and Casey wanted to validate their idea before they invested in manufacturing and production costs. To do this, they launched a simple website with: Designs of what they thought the product would look like A price. Based on estimated costs Screenshot showing a product page. This simple sales page helped Morgen and Casey to pre-sell $525 of their spicy honey. With some initial sales in the bag, the duo began to produce the honey.

To Boost Your Sales

Then, to get a few extra sales and share his new adventure, Casey compiled a mailing list of 400 friends and contacts he’d picked up over the course of his career and Finland Phone Number sent out a message to them via email, which helped them get up to $1,000 in sales.[*] Here’s a copy of the exact email Casey sent:[*] Screenshot showing an email And once the first batches of the sauce had arrived, Morgen and Casey needed to really kick-start their growth.

Finland Phone Number List

Their approach worked… In August 2014, they sold 165 bottles of spicy honey. But in September that number grew over 500% to more than 840 bottles. The reason for this growth? Press coverage.[*] Their spicy honey had been featured on many popular foodie sites, like: Uncrate: Screenshot showing a landing page on uncrate Grub Street: Screenshot showing content page by GrubStreet Kitchn:

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