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Commercial Continue reading below Feedly is one of the most powerful tools to identify hot topics and stay current in your industry by showing you the most recently published stories from your curated list. Feedly also has some valuable paid features, like the ability to follow newsletters, Twitter, or Google News. Or use your AI-powered bot that listens across the web for certain topics. 6. Podcast Notes Podcasts are an unsung hero in identifying hot topics. Podcasting is a billion dollar industry that is expected to gain 10% more listeners each year. This is a great opportunity to identify hot topics for your clients or organization. Unfortunately, podcasts take a lot of time and focus to digest the content and aren’t ideal for everyone. 

Podcast Notes solves the problem of identifying the key points of individual podcasts in a quick bulletin format. If you don’t have time to listen to more than 10 podcasts a week, Podcast News does the heavy lifting for you on fitness, nutrition, startups, technology, finance, crypto, and lifestyle. 7. Buzz The best community managers have well-polished systems for listening to Cameroon whatsApp number list the trending social media topics for their vertical. Buzzsumo has long been a best-in-class tool for helping you identify viral content on social channels and has moved into additional areas of content discovery that also encompass video and Q&A websites. 

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If you’re looking for the most trending video content in your vertical, Buzzsumo can show you which content is getting the most traction on YouTube. 8. Trends.co Trends.co offers a comprehensive yet easy to digest format for understanding new topics across all industries. The trends newsletter breaks down a topic by covering: Why does it matter? What is the problem that has created the trend. The solution. The main actors of the space. predictions opportunities Key lessons. Haters (or views opposed to the trend). Additional resources to delve into the topic. There are also several paid features and ways to collaborate with other members in the Trending community, if you’d like deeper research on each topic.

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 Commercial Continue reading below This trending topics tool does the best job of providing the right context, resources, and background to understand more complex topics. 9. tremendously This tool is identified as Google Alerts for Google Trends. One of the challenges with Google Trends is that traditionally there hasn’t been a great way to subscribe to a specific topic. Google Trends offers this functionality now, but there are third-party solutions like Treendly that aim to create a better user experience and get a wider variety of sources beyond Google Trends. 10. Product Search Topics Product Hunt showcases the latest new products (primarily digital) across all industries, and anyone can submit their product.

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 They are then upvoted and reviewed by the PH community, which dictates how well the product ranks on the site. Product Hunt topics allow you to subscribe to a category of product releases including productivity, developer tools, AI, UX, marketing, design, and IoT, just to name a few. 11. Trend watchers Like some of the trending topic tools above, Trendwatchers allows you to follow trends based on a category or keyword. Commercial Continue reading below One of the unique features of Trendwatchers is that they combine trend data with ‘blog topic generator’ types of functionality. This allows a user to identify what topics are trending and then apply that trend to a forged style template (also known as clickbait-y). 12.


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