The 7 Typical Link Building Mistakes of a Beginner

I recently published a post about Link building that describes a process for the links that you are getting for your website to seem natural and Google does not penalize you for it. I insisted a lot on the fact that it is a risky strategy since if they catch you they can kick you out of the club of indexed sites, so you would be losing an important source of traffic from search engines.

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1 1. Too many links in a post
2 2. Thinking that several links improve the effect
3 3. Too many links from footers and blogrolls
4 4. Always link to the same keyword
5 5. Reciprocal links between 2 web pages
6 6. Links from the same IPs
7 7. Speed ​​of obtaining links

1. Too Many Links in One Post

According to Google, an entry should not Mauritius B2B List have more than 100 links (the sum of internal and external). Please note that navigation links are also taken into account. In theory it is difficult to exceed this figure, although in some “list” type posts I have easily exceeded it.

2. Think that several links improve the effect
Some think that putting several links from the same entry can strengthen the SEO effect. Google only takes into account the first reference. The position depends on where the link appears in the HTML code of the site.

3. Too many footer and blogroll links
Blogrolls (“friend blogs”) and footers (footer of a website) are popular positions for exchanging links. For these reasons, Google watches them carefully. Given that they are repeated in each site entry, the links that point to your website also multiply. It is better to have few links from a page pointing towards you than thousands in the case of footers and blogrolls.

4. Always link to the same keyword
If you want to position yourself with “online marketing” it is not good to only get links with this combination of keywords. It is evident that you are trying to cheat since it is not a natural process. The best strategy is to vary the terms and even link to “here” or simply the URL of your website.

5. Reciprocal Links Between 2 Web Pages

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Mauritius Business Email List

“I put a link and you put me another.” This worked for a while but Google has realized that in 99.9% of cases it is about exchanges to improve search engine positioning. At best it shows no effect and at worst you receive a penalty for performing this type of tactic.

6. Links from the same IPs
If you have a hosting with several sites that share the same IP, it does not give you anything to link the sites between them. In these cases, Google assumes that it is the same owner and that the links are not “honest” since you are recommending yourself above all.

7. Speed ​​of getting links
At the beginning a new website is in the quarantine phase. You have to earn the trust of Google. If you are getting links too fast there is a certain chance that you will be classified as a spammer . There is a natural speed of growth of a website. It is not normal that from the first day you already have 50 links pointing to your page.

Normally it would have been more accurate to start with the typical mistakes of beginners to talk about it. Since this is a blog and not a book, the entries arise based on the inspiration of the blogger, so I hope you will forgive me for not having respected this logical order.

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