Turning Challenges Into Habits Is What Makes You Grow in Life

With the crisis of 30, 40 or 50 years, many consider an important challenge such as running a marathon. Most people have the feeling that they are not living at 100%, so they think they are missing something. They are not aware that the important thing in life is not to have traveled all the paths but to have decided on one. The bad thing is that many are unhappy with the one they have chosen but do not dare to change their route because they are afraid of what awaits them. The only thing that makes you happy in life in the long term is making decisions, even if at first they may be painful.

Overcoming a Challenge Does Not Make You Happy in Life

Overcoming a challenge can bring you a peak of Namibia B2B List happiness. You feel pride inside of you because for a while you have been able to work steadily giving your all to achieve your goal. I don’t want to take away the merit at all because to begin with, few finish tasks that require them to make an effort for several weeks or months and abandon what they started with great enthusiasm.

The happiness of the challenge fades over time and becomes a memory. As the years go by, it will even seem unreal to you that one day you were able to run a marathon. Since then you have gained about 10 kilos and the maximum distance you run is from the house to the car and from there to the office. It can even generate a feeling of sadness for no longer being that man or woman you were that day you managed to overcome the challenge.

Do Not Allow Your Comfort Zone to Decrease and Turn the Challenge Into a Habit

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Achieving a challenge has made you achieve what few obtain in their entire lives. The great satisfaction of having fought for something and receiving the prize of pride in return. Don’t throw all this away now. Did you like the feeling you get when you make an effort and get personal and third-party recognition for it? So why don’t you move on?

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