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A few years ago, we worked Estonia Phone Number with a B2B financial . Also, services institution targeting investors and advisors. We asked a sample of its target audience to rank the institution and its competitors by level of trust – both content and brand. We also asked them to rank a sample of the top media companies in the industry.

Our client company was in the middle of the pack when it came to trust between competitors. But, interestingly, its trust ranking was above – and in some cases far above – some of the media companies where the institution had carried much of its advertising.

Now, comparing financial Estonia Phone Number services. Also, brand trust to media brand trust was like comparing apples and oranges. But to help him achieve his goal of “increasing brand trust,” we set a goal for his new content marketing property – to become one of the most trusted thought leadership content brands for consumers. advisors and investors

Recently, we found some wonderful results

Looking at comparative research. The brand had, in fact, gained confidence in all of its competitors as well as media companies. While the owned media property and its team certainly created some of that trust, the institution’s other branding and marketing efforts were also helpful here.

The content brand subscriber results were even more interesting. When we asked them in terms of content brand trust (using blog name) between competitors and media companies, a lot of brand trust is more than any other competitor and most media companies.

These results provide a huge business case for pursuing a content marketing initiative: develop a more trusted relationship with audiences than the content platforms you place paid media on.

So, I’m asking this – will there ever

Estonia Phone Number
Estonia Phone Number

Be a day when this institution’s ad buyer walks into a media company, shows subscriber research, and asks, “We have a more trusted audience than you. Would you like to advertise with us? ” Maybe. But until then, it is an extremely important business metric to show the success of one’s content marketing program.

As you can see from the example, success depends on the audience. All value is derived when an audience trusts the brand. The company can use this trust to leverage the trusted audience:

  • To provide data to inform other advertising and marketing efforts (Example: see how Kraft uses its platform.)
  • Use as a pre-customer database to attract more optimized leads (Example: see how Schneider Electric uses its Energy University platform.)
  • To provide cash value or savings through partnering (Example: Learn how companies like Zappos are making money with content marketing.)
  • To ensure the brand’s TAM (Total Addressable Market) grows (Example: Learn how Arrow Electronics conducts marketing as a business model.)


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