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Traffic and Boost Your Rankings! Click Here to Download for Free Now! We’ve Helped Fortune 500 Companies, Venture-Backed Start-Ups, and Companies Like You Grow Faster . Get Free Consultation Geography Certain Companies Are Targeting Specific Regions. Restaurants Are a Good Example. the Appearance of Local Search Is Important for Such Businesses. Analytical Tools Can Be Used to Obtain Detailed Geographic Traffic Data. This Is a Starting Point for Optimizing Your Website for a Particular Location.


Google Analytics Tells You Which Continent,

Country, or City Your Visitors Are Lebanon Phone Number From. in the Left Column, Go to Audience> Region> Location . You Can Add a Secondary Dimension for the Page Title ( Click the Drop-Down Arrow on the Secondary Dimension Button to Search for Page Title ) to See Exactly Which Page Users in These Regions Visited. Image7 2 If Your Local Business Doesn’t Get Enough Attention from Your Hometown, You Really Need to Work on That Local Seo . References: a Complete Guide to Local Seo How to Optimize Your Facebook Page for Local Search a Guide to Marketing Your Local Business 9 Factors That Can Significantly Improve Local Seo Mobile Optimization with the Surge in Popularity of Smartphones and Tablets These Days, You Need to Make Sure Your Website Is Optimized for Mobile Devices. as of 2016, Traffic from Mobile Devices

Lebanon Phone Number

Most of the Traffic Can Come from Your Smartphone or Tablet.

You Can See If This Is the Case for Analytics Reports. Under Audiences , Go to Mobile and Click Devices . You Will See a Report on All the Mobile Devices Used to Access the Website. Image9 1 as You Can See, the Iphone Has Recorded More Than 551 Visits During the Selected Period. in Total, Mobile Devices Make Up More Than 3,100 Visits. Whether This Is Decent Traffic Depends on the Overall Traffic Over the Same Period. an Average of Over 50% Visits from Mobile Devices Is a Powerful Indicator That Google Considers a Site to Look Good on Mobile Devices. You Can Also See Additional Metrics About Access to Your Mobile Device, Such as Bounce Rate and Page Dwell Time. If You Compare It to a Desktop Visit, You’ll See If Your Mobile Website Is Attractive Enough.

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