Top Paid Traffic Sources for Online Stores in Order of Highest Conversion to Sale

It is difficult to write this type of post with a headline that promises to give you a ranking of the most important traffic sources on the Internet. It will never adapt in this way to everyone because each person, online store, market, etc. is different. The order that I present is not based on studies but rather on my own experience, that of my clients and of the people with whom I collaborate. Despite this, I like to go beyond a “it depends” answer. If you are taking your first steps in the world of electronic commerce, they can serve as an initial guide.

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1 Visits from subscribers with e-mail marketing
2 Search engine advertising with text ads
3 Image display ads with retargeting
4 Affiliate Marketing Partnerships
5 Vertical Featured Blog Campaigns
6 Advertising with banners without targeting

Subscriber Visits With E-mail Marketing

Despite its poor image, email remains Philippines B2B List king among online advertising channels. If the process of capturing contacts has been carried out constantly, adding value and achieving user trust, it is the most powerful source of traffic for an online store. The conversion ratio can be between 1-5%. What you need to get subscribers to your newsletter if you are an online store. Search engine advertising with text ads . Search engine advertising is an efficient way to reach a user when they have a need to buy. Carrying out campaigns with Google Ad words is not the easiest task in the world, especially if you are a beginner. In some niches there may be a lot of competition that makes it difficult to get a short-term return on this channel. The conversion ratio can vary between 0.5-3%.

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Image display ads with retargeting. Retargeting campaigns focus on those users who have already shown an initial interest in your products and services. It is a technique to carry out a virtual follow-up of all those people who have not made a purchase decision the first time they visited your website. Through cookies, graphic ads are shown only to those users who have been on your website. The conversion ratio can be between 0.2-2%.

Affiliate Marketing Partnerships

Affiliate marketing is at first sight a model to sell without risk for the advertiser. Apart from direct affiliation, there is always a fixed cost when you work with specialized networks in this segment such as Zanox or Tradedoubler. Only the big brands tend to achieve quick profitability here since they already have a brand that makes it easy to convince third parties to sell in a successful model. The conversion ratio can vary a lot. If the advertiser bets on segmentation, it can be between 0.5-1.5%. Otherwise it can go down a lot.

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Philippines B2B List
Philippines B2B List

Vertical Featured Blog Campaigns , Recent Tecnorati studies show that blogs, despite having already taken them to the grave, are gaining in importance. They are considered even more relevant to the user’s purchase decision than social networks. Not all blogs are used to carry out advertising campaigns. There must be a very high affinity of the blog with what the advertiser offers. The blogger’s ability to have created a community that trusts him is more important than the absolute traffic figures he can have on a monthly level. The conversion rate can vary between 0.2-2% for first campaigns. In cases of continuous collaboration, this figure can even grow.

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