To look forward Turkey Phone Number

Add an economist to tell me Turkey Phone Number the costs, benefits, labor implications, and likely growth rates of every new technology on the horizon. It would help me tremendously to focus on what’s next, which will grow fastest because it’s needed most, and which will give more than it costs.
Kirk Cheyfitz, co-founder, Story Worldwide

Go for the pros
I would add a screenwriter – someone who knows how to tell a story in a gripping way.
Chuck Hester, Vice President, Social Media, T&T Creative
Add a writer to your contentmarketing team. They can tell a story in a gripping way. ChuckHester CMWorld Click To Tweet
I would add an investigative journalist – someone who is trained to write deep stories with huge impact. At least for the foreseeable future, this type of content has enormous value.
Matt Heinz, President, Heinz Marketing.

Think about people 

I would like a video journalist accustomed to creating his own video. Journalists know how to craft a story out of the few details seemingly Turkey Phone Number desired by their audience. They know how to tell stories. They need to understand that content is not “sales” but rather non-promotional.
Heidi Cohen, Content Director, Actionable Marketing Guide.
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think about people
I would have a psychologist. Don’t worry, my team didn’t go crazy. At least not yet. I think a psychologist can give 10 times more information about a buyer than any of us. Our psychologist was constantly reaching out to our target audience and participating in client happiness rounds to gather immense insights.

Reach for the stars (and make them laugh)

Turkey Phone Number
Turkey Phone Number

Ellen Degeneres. This woman is a marketing and engagement genius. She is naturally able to market and draw attention to products without losing the trust of her audience. I think there’s a level of authenticity that she could bring to the content.
John Hall, CEO, Influence & Co.
I should add a comedian – Michael Jr., to be precise. I would always know my “why” and we would never stop laughing. The content should be fun, and adding a comedian to the mix would only put it over the top. A comedian would also call you out on the obvious things you do on a daily basis.
Skyler Moss, Director of Digital Marketing, HCSS

I would have someone who understands comedy or a comedy writer. If what you create adds value and is interesting to someone else and at the same time entertains them, isn’t that what gets shared and recognized?

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