7 things you Northeast Mobile Phone Number List need to have a productive (and happy) content marketing team

But I’ve realized recently that I think a lot about my individual productivity rather than team productivity. Of course, working as a team is ridiculously important – and that’s one of the reasons I’m interested in Agile marketing.

While the individual “stuff” continues to be helpful, what does your team need to ensure it’s running in the best possible way?
This list below is a mix of specific tools as well as more intangible things you need so your team can focus on creating the work rather than the process behind the work. I realize technologies are missing from this list, but these collaboration and workflow tools will be extremely useful once you have your team and processes.

your why
Notice how it all starts with why? It Northeast Mobile Phone Number List does. And, in this case, your why is your core strategy for knowing why you’re doing the work you do and how you’re going to measure whether it’s working — or not.

Although a strategy can be detailed, your team needs consensus on at least these three elements:

Who are we educating/helping? (Note: I didn’t say “targeting” because your goal should be to help. Creating a character is one way to do that.)
How can we help them Northeast Mobile Phone Number List in a way no one else can? (This is your content slant.)
How will we know we are successful? (These are the business goals of your strategy.) Note: You also need to understand how you will measure success and report it to your team.
BONUS TIP: If you need a little more inspiration or help finding your reason, check out this video clip from Michael Jr., one of our keynote speakers at last year’s Content Marketing World. I still think about his act — and our follow-up conversation — months later. (Seriously, this clip is worth five minutes.)

Documented workflows

Northeast Mobile Phone Number List
Northeast Mobile Phone Number List

Successful teams not only document their content marketing strategy, they also document their workflows. If you’re unfamiliar with workflows, they’re the processes your content goes through and the people involved in creating and producing it.

If you’re constantly asking “who does what,” “what do I do next,” or “why is this taking so long,” chances are you need to dive into your workflow.

Raechel Duplain has a fabulous article on how to do just that. It may seem daunting, but Raechel’s five-step plan walks you through the process.

BONUS TIP: Once your workflow is known, you can evaluate the process to see where you’re wasting your time. Brian Watson has a great guide on how to review your editorial process so you can figure out where the bottlenecks are – so you can spend time where it really matters. As Brian explains:


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