It was originally a small matter, but the government chose to follow the populist

I want to remind again that these are. People who have lived in Taiwan for a long time. And other Taiwanese walking on the road. Will also think that he is a Taiwanese. After the epidemic, who would dare to say that he is a child of Lu Pei in Taiwanese society, saying Did you hold a passport of the People’s Republic of China when you were a child? The origin of these people becomes an original sin that can only be hidden. And whether from the beginning of this epidemic, in this society/world, a person is actually measured by the nationality of him and his parents?

So the whole thing is extremely absurd and tragic

It was a very small matter that involved a few people. It was inexplicably politicized and scolded. Of course, to a large extent it was the issue of Panama Phone Number the MAC’s own. lack of communication skills and poor decision-making quality. But after the National Security Conference was held. It was obvious that the Presidential Office and the Executive Yuan had also chosen the easier path, following the populism instead of defending the political profession. The DPP’s legislators and lawmakers were also eager to cut one by two. The issue of the MAC, it’s not funny that the legislators of the Kuomintang should support your own ruling MAC.

And there is a simple and better way to do it

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You have a high-level political figure. Iuch as Su Zhenchang, come out and emphasize that this is. A very small number, and then don’t use the word “open”. saying that applications are allowed, case-by-case review. After a week, how many cases will be reported to the society, and the result may be only dozens of cases. Now that we have been engaged in a big dragon and phoenix for a day, everything has returned to the original point. The society thinks it is great, but have the problems faced by these families been solved? May I ask how the Taiwan government should deal with it. Xuexiang people said to them, “Ah, whoever told you to be Chinese”,

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