To Copy or Not to Copy When You Launch a Start-up?

The German brothers Marc, Oliver and Alexander Samwer are famous and billionaires because they master the art of copying like few others. Not everyone likes them and is widely criticized for being unscrupulous and uninnovative.

The Samwer Brothers Have Shown That Launching

The brothers are the Chinese of venture capital Turkmenistan B2B List to launch Copycats because if they intend to set up a clone of a successful company (typically from the United States) they do it and make the resources available to make it work. This means for them that they can sell it for a multiple of their investment to NBC, Groupon, Verisign or whoever wants to buy it. Among his investments are companies such as Zalando , Edarling , Wimdu or others. In the case of Wimdu, I recently read a German article where it is estimates that they have already invested more than 90 million euros to expand the business.

Copying the model of a company is never enough. It can be a first step to have the foundations but imitation is not enough to have a company that can be successful one day. Keep in mind that each company is different because internal and external factors are never identical.

Copying Is Not Enough Because You Have to Develop Your Own Style

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Coguan was launche with the same model as the Adbrite company in the United States. A year before we launched in Spain , Adscale was launche in Germany (another Copycat by the Samwer brothers) and shortly after Adjug in the United Kingdom. In Europe it is difficult (not impossible) to launch a start-up with a completely innovative idea because investors want to see that the model in other countries already works to reduce the risk of their investment. Over time you have to develop your own style. The markets work differently : Spain is not the United States, Germany or France. It is typically a smaller market with other market rules. You have to adapt to this model.
It depends on your experience and contacts : the market is not the only reason why copying alone does not work. It depends on the people and their experiences. Without the knowledge or contact the best copy in the world is useless to you.
Create version 2.0 of your start-up : as a company you have to evolve. We have also had to adapt to what the market demanded of us. Version 2.0 that we will launch shortly has changed a lot compared to the initial model.
Not only for investors but also for founders the copy can be a starting point. It is difficult to take the first steps in this way you can use this tactic to have an initial guide. Sooner or later you have to go your own way because an identical copy is only a safe bet. If you have the experience and resources of the Samwer brothers.

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