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For example, when the alarm goes off, Google Italy Phone Number Home will tell you today’s weather and turn on the light. Or: when you drive up with your car (it must have internet), your garage door will open automatically. IFTTT is certainly not new, but it is useful. And a nice toy for those dark days at home. The app is available for iOS and Android. Instagram Story Hack: Background Color Suppose you do not want to post a photo or video as a Story on Italy Phone Number Instagram, but, for example, a text on a solid background. How are you doing this? take a picture Tap the screen Click on the icon to draw Pick a color Put your finger on the screen for a few seconds Voilá: the whole screen is the color you chose And an extra tip: did you know that when choosing a color you can also swipe to the right for more colors.

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In addition, you can also long-press a color so Italy Phone Number that an extensive color palette appears. 10. Vowel transcribes your video call in real time We have of course seen a lot of video calling tools this year. So I really didn’t want to bother you with this right now. But my eye fell on a conferencing tool that I would like to mention. It’s about Vowel. This tool transcribes what you say during the video call. This text will appear in the chat next to the video Italy Phone Number call. I’m sure there are more video calling tools out there that can do this, so really this tip is more of a “did you know you can do this” tip rather than a Vowel-specific promotion.

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Although the connection with Italy Phone Number Slack and the search option in ‘what was said during the meeting’ also look very attractive. Bonus tip: SpeedScriber. A very nice (paid) macOS app for transcribing videos and sound recordings. 11. Checklist. design Are you building a website? Then Checklist. design is a handy website Italy Phone Number to use. Here are all lists with elements that you should not forget. For example, what should be on a login page? And on the checkout page? Or what should you really not forget on a 404 page? Extra handy: you can check off the lists.

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