How to Build Intrigue and Buzz Through Content Marketing

Marketing has changed. The most important thing to sell a product is not the sales phase but the launch phase. Thanks to the intrigue and the expectation we have the opportunity to generate suspense and illusion .

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What you get is that when the day of the sale arrives, your customers are lining up to buy your product or hire your service. Taiwan WhatsApp Number List Launching your business in 2 or 3 phases also gives you valuable information to adjust your offer and adapt your marketing messages. The ideal is to set up a basic online presence to receive feedback from your target audience as soon as possible. Each day of promotion before putting your offer on sale is worth gold.

The best content marketing channels to generate intrigue and anticipation
Content marketing helps you spread rumors, illusion expectations through different media and channels. The sender and receiver have a vital role in increasing the probability of generating a virus that spreads from one person to another.

The personal blog : if you already have a blog with some people who read you daily, take advantage of it to sow the first seed. Sometimes it is enough to only reach 1 person who spreads the virus with your message.
Twitter and Facebook : Twitter in particular is a very dynamic channel that can achieve high diffusion in a matter of a few days or even hours. When posting to these channels focus on the busiest times like after breakfast or the midday meal.
Youtube : it is the best channel to show your face. Not everyone is a born actor. If you dare with practice the effect can be considerable. As Isra García says , the viral video does not exist, but simply happens. Gestures, gaze and tone of voice can strengthen the message of a simple text.
Yourself – You deal with people on a daily basis. You can tell them what you do. Identify those who are potential multipliers of your message. “Hey, Jaimito says that he’s doing something but now he can’t tell me. You know something?” People’s curiosity is priceless as a marketing tool.
Some basic tips to generate intrigue and anticipation through content marketing
What I am about to tell you is not complicated. The only difference between someone who manages to apply it and someone who doesn’t is that they have dared to try it. It does not mean that you immediately hit the nail on the head, but the first step is always a starting point. Javier Gazquez explains in his blog how relationship marketing can help all those who do not have many resources to be able to start their ideas.

1. Do Not Tell Everything

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Taiwan WhatsApp Number List

If you tell everything from the beginning you kill curiosity. Save the interesting details for last, but comment enough to create interest. It sounds easy but it is not. Apart from trial and error, there is no good formula to find the balance point.

2. Put a date : you do not say everything but you have to mention when you will do it. It cannot be too long a term. The ideal according to my experience is a period of 1-3 weeks. If you go much further it is difficult to keep the attention towards you and your offer.

3. Give it a name : for the virus to spread more easily you have to give it a name. At Quondos we have created the term “Q500”. If you don’t have a denomination that is easily remembered, word of mouth is difficult.

4. Convey enthusiasm : if I don’t see that you are passionate about what you are asking the question, it is because I should be interested in it. The more enthusiasm you transmit, the more curiosity you will be able to generate because people want to know the reason for your happiness.

5. Create and follow conversations : the easiest way is to launch a tweet on Twitter . Apart from the conversations generated, the visibility you get through people’s participation is also relevant. Talk about “your book” (without saying it’s a book) but don’t go overboard to avoid being perceived as tiresome.

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