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such as “data storage,” “data cleansing,” and “data capture.” Amount of Content —Once you’ve decided on your monthly theme, you need to decide how much content you’ll produce that month. It’s helpful to start with a “pillar” theme and then support it with smaller “cluster” content. This allows you to maximize your content creation effort and break up large pieces of content into smaller bite sizes. Content Format — Finally, you need to decide what content format you will be producing. You can attract your audience by producing different content formats according to your audience’s preferences. Choose from guides, blogs, vlogs, social media postcards, infographics (visual representations of information), templates, checklists,

quizzes, case studies, reports, webinars

polls and podcasts. Creating a wide variety of content types for your website will help you appeal to Google search and social media algorithms. They like new and VP Media Email Lists diverse content. That means they’re pushing up search rankings and social media feeds. 3. Increased channel width Once you’ve planned all your activities, it’s time to start creating and publishing your content. Make sure your content is a mix of promotion and information/knowledge that adds value by telling your audience what they may not already know. This mixed approach also helps position the business as a thought leader (those

who have influence and leadership in a

VP Media Email Lists

particular area), which increases credibility and builds credibility with potential customers. Based on the initial research you performed, you should distribute your completed content items to the channels your audience uses most. It could be social media, email, specific publications or direct mail. Spreading across multiple channels provides multiple touchpoints with your audience, which keeps your brand in the presence of potential customers. Remember to use keywords and hashtags whenever possible when distributing content using online digital channels. If your audience uses the same

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