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The news is unreliable, as some of the news Henan Mobile Phone Number avoiders also indicate: 16%. This is 10% of the Dutch population. Internationally this is much higher, in countries such as the US and the United Kingdom it is even resp. 39% and 33%. The Henan Mobile Phone Number offer is inaccessible and/or difficult to understand, say no less than 19% of young people. This is much less among people aged 55+ (2%) and in other countries in Europe. Not interested avoid news Digital News Report 2022 Not interested avoid news Digital News Report 2022 international Henan Mobile Phone Number News must be accessible, so that everyone has the opportunity to form a free opinion. However, this accessibility is not self-evident.

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Comprehensibility can be a barrier to the Henan Mobile Phone Number  news offer, but also money, for example. The NOS and the newspaper world, among others, are therefore experimenting with accessible media forms: – NOS Stories is a long-running success story that brings news from the world of young people, in places where young people are Henan Mobile Phone Number  themselves: YouTube, Instagram and via the Snapchat app. – News of the Week – for people who have trouble reading and writing, NOS is now experimenting with a News of the Week Henan Mobile Phone Number that brings news in easy language on YouTube. Local broadcasters also broadcast this. – With Pay what you can , with online subscriptions as the main source of income, publishers are aiming for initiatives to keep the news accessible to everyone before 2022.

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Also for groups that do not have Henan Mobile Phone Number money for an online subscription.** Social media, apps, TV or newspaper, where do we check the news? For the older generations, the TV news remains an unshakable rock in the surf of their daily news stream. For 71% of people over 55, TV (and newspapers) are still the most important Henan Mobile Phone Number  news sources. In all other age groups, news sites and apps are the most consulted. Social media remains number 1 for users under the age of 35. Nearly all news consumers (94%) used one or more social Henan Mobile Phone Number  media platforms, including messaging apps, in the past week in 2022. WhatsApp is the most used, followed by Facebook.


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