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Tthis is how you write a good meta description Your Belgium Phone Number meta description complements your page title. So build on that. Repeat your search term again in the meta description. This ensures that the term is in bold, which stands out more in the search results. Make sure you write a unique URL for each landing page, or write one at all. Meta descriptions are sometimes forgotten, so it’s an easy way to stand out if you do have a great meta Belgium Phone Number description. Google also prefers a certain length with regard to your meta description. Use a maximum of 155 to 160 characters, which equates to 920 pixels for desktop and 680 for mobile.

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Handy tool to check your page title and meta Belgium Phone Number description in Google When I write the meta-data for a client or myself, I use a tool. Very handy, because then I know for sure that the two texts are in perfect order. I use the SERP snippet preview tool from Optimus Online for this. Use this tool and you will never again be bother by metadata with typos, spelling mistakes and more. With the practical SERP snippet preview tool you prevent mistakes in your title and meta description. With the practical SERP snippet preview tool you prevent Belgium Phone Number mistakes in your title and meta description. When do I have a good page title/meta description? You have that if they achieve the goals: a high(er) position in Google and a high(er) CTR.

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“When is a CTR high?” I hear Belgium Phone Number you ask. Here you see the results of a survey in which 5 million search results were analyzed . It is not 100% representative of your niche or market, but use the data to see how you are performing against the average. Note that this concerns all clicks on organic search results. Advertisements and searchers who did not click on anything are not included in the data. On your landing page, do what you promise in your title and meta description So, the visitor has now landed on your website. Was that it? No, now the real work begins. Now you have to do what you promised in your title or meta description. Is your title ‘Compare all health insurers – 2021’? Make sure that your website visitors can compare all health insurers with their 2021 policies. Can’t keep your promise? Then your visitor is disappointed and drops off.

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