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You often see that this does not necessarily Netherlands Phone Number make a web text or blog better, in fact, it usually results in annoying use of keywords. Google itself says that the excessive use of keywords violates the quality rules of the search engine. But, really honestly? I prefer to write texts that touch and encourage action, than counting how often the search term is seen in the text. Do I use strategic keywords? Hell yes! Tip: Don’t overdo the use Netherlands Phone Number of keywords and search terms. Always keep checking and checking whether the text is fun and enjoyable to read. 4. What is duplicate content? Duplicate content means that there are multiple web pages that contain exactly the same text. So duplicate content.

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This can be on the same website (internal) or Netherlands Phone Number on a different website (external). Google says about this that the use of “substantial blocks of content” or texts that largely contain the same content is not allowed. This is therefore seen as duplicate content. Why is this detrimental to SEO? Because Google can only let one page ‘score’ in the search results. It is therefore not the case that you will receive a ‘penalty’, but it can happen that your page decreases in position in the search results. 5. Are meta descriptions and Netherlands Phone Number meta titles important? Yes, yes and yes again! In particular, the meta title (title tag) is important, because Google picks up on this. The meta description is officially not really related to SEO.

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It does not necessarily improve your Netherlands Phone Number findability. However, by filling in the meta descriptions you can ensure that you show a short and powerful summary of the relevant web page. You can enter a meta description and title per page (and per image) using an SEO plugin (think of Yoast or Rank Math). Google can take over what you enter and this is then shown in the search results. You only have a limited number of characters, so make sure your call-to-action stands out ! It is important to remember that people only read ‘half’ when Netherlands Phone Number they look up something in the search engines. We humans like convenience. There are therefore different search intentions We are looking for the answer to a question. We are looking for information. We want to achieve a targeted result. In other words, we are in action mode.

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