Do Not Think About Creating a Personal Brand to Achieve It

“And how do I dress on Twitter today?” Some of those who move on social networks prefer to change their profile picture 5 times before creating a new entry on their blog that hasn’t been updated for months. An attractive bio may be enough to attract some followers who confuse Twitter with Meetic, but it is not enough if what you are looking for is to create a personal brand.

If You Try Too Hard to Create a Personal Brand

A personal brand is not achieved in 2 days. Do not Saudi Arabia B2B List look for immediate results, so I recommend you stay away from all kinds of strategies that make you a star overnight.

“Another who wants to be a guru” – Beware of all actions where you put yourself in the spotlight to get attention. Even if you are able to add value, people do not trust you because they quickly put you in the category of “hustlers” who want to sell their book.
You easily fall into the category of self-centered : when you create a personal brand it is not about you but what you contribute to others. Don’t try too hard to tell everyone how good you are. Have a little patience and wait for third parties to do this job.
Promote third parties before thinking of yourself : a personal brand is only authentic if it is aware of its own limitations. Promote third parties without expecting anything in return. It is what really adds value to those who read you on your blog or follow you on social networks.
Creating a brand is not the end, it is the way : in reality what you are looking for are clients and not a personal brand. For people to buy from you, they have to trust you and your company. It is the most valuable thing you can get. It requires perseverance and patience to achieve it.

Naturalness and Perseverance Are the Most Important

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Do not seek to be another person than you really are. If you are not a born actor, it will be a supernatural effort for you to always be in the role of this fictional character. As Seth Godin says on his blog “you can fool a small group of people for a limited time but you will never fool everyone forever”.

This post comes out on a day when most of us are enjoying the family, doing sports, long weekends, etc. Nobody’s life changes if they are writing these lines or not. I cannot agree more with Andrés Pérez Ortega who says on his blog About him:

“No one would miss this post. But this is not false modesty, it is the pure reality. In twopointzeroland (and surely in any other aspect of life) it seems that you only exist if you maintain a constant activity and without too many ups and downs.”

Nothing in life is free. The personal brand is not created, it is given to you. It is not the end, it is the way. If you really want to learn something about the subject, I recommend Andrés’s blog, who, on the other hand, is really competent in these matters.

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