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Fel free to add one or more testimonials Algeria Phone Number that focus on your working method. And do you work in a team? You can also tell about each other. I work with my sister Mandy and our page has a bit of ‘Linsey about Mandy’ and Algeria Phone Number ‘Mandy about Linsey’. This way you can praise each other without coming across as arrogant. Photographer example : “On the day itself, her rest is very nice, she is there where necessary. Her Algeria Phone Number photos speak for themselves, she is a real top photographer that you can hire with confidence. I hope to work with her again soon!”

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Strengthen your expert status These were a Algeria Phone Number number of parts that you can incorporate on your about me page. You can of course play with the order. I often start the page with an introduction, which summarizes the underlying Algeria Phone Number parts in a few sentences. Ultimately, as an entrepreneur, you want to sell something. Tell about yourself in a relevant way to potential customers. Give people the feeling that they have come to the right place. Sending newsletters from your personal LinkedIn account has been Algeria Phone Number possible for a while. But now this option is also available for business pages.

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The LinkedIn newsletter is a valuable Algeria Phone Number addition to the platform. A new channel where you can give free rein to your creativity and fill the content according to your own wishes. Where we’ve been reading and writing for a while Algeria Phone Number about LinkedIn becoming less business-like, and the platform starting to look more and more like its social sisters, I think this is a good step in the business direction! A new ability to create Algeria Phone Number content for a specific group of followers. So not just for your entire list of connections (for which a LinkedIn post is intended), but especially for those who actively choose to receive your newsletter.


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