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With the promise that he did not have to Belarus Phone Number pay the invoice as a result, the man dared to work with me. The invoice for my texts was paid neatly. And a week later I was called for a follow-up assignment. Years later, my hourly rate has more than Belarus Phone Number doubled. And the client still hires me. Do you ever get the comment that you are too expensive? Then ask a question in return. For example: ‘if you compare the costs of my services as a Belarus Phone Number copywriter with what my texts yield, do you still think a copywriter is expensive?’ 3. A copywriter writes flawless Dutch. Nope. And that is for 2 main reasons.

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Reason 1: Many copywriters are Belarus Phone Number deliberately incompetent when it comes to following writing rules. And so copywriters make deliberate spelling mistakes every now and then. Or do they start a sentence with ‘and’, ‘because’ or ‘because’. If it benefits conversion, anything is possible in the copywriting business . Then reason 2: a great Belarus Phone Number  copywriter can do magic with words. So an average copywriter easily spoons up all kinds of spells. Language rules? He often doesn’t know it through and through. Let alone being a Belarus Phone Number language purist. And you don’t have to. As long as he knows a very good proofreader Belarus Phone Number  who checks the created copy so that every text goes to the client without errors.

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copywriting spelling errors check 4. Copywriting is a Belarus Phone Number breeze Anyone can write. Knocks like a bus. However, not everyone can connect words in such a way that the reader takes action. A good copywriter can. He masters the techniques Belarus Phone Number  of persuasive writing. Is a bit schizophrenic so that he can put himself in any target group. Know which buttons to press and where those buttons are. Those talents are not mastered by the average plumber or data analyst when writing a shopping list. Although this might actually Belarus Phone Number  put his partner into action. That again. Anyone can write. Not everyone can write copy that converts. 5. A copywriter can write a text ‘just as quickly’ “It’s just a short text, can it be ready this afternoon?”


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