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Then can offer a solution (nice URL). You can Malaysia Phone Number completely personalize the button in this online tool. From font, color and size to padding, border radius and shadow. Are you satisfied with your design? Then click on ‘Get code’ and then you have your CSS. So easy! video player 00:00 00:05 16. Toggl Track: For tracking your hours A tip from Malaysia Phone Number Denny van Veen, under our call on LinkedIn : “Since my working days (especially at the beginning of the crisis) have been a bit fragmented at times due to a combination of Covid and small children, I use Toggl Track to keep track of hours. Here you can add tags, projects and customers and can therefore also be used for time management.

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I can imagine that this can also help people Malaysia Phone Number who have to write hours or freelancers who invoice hours!” 17. Originality check for content: Copyscape I close the list with a handy tip from Chelyssa, who will be joining us as an intern in the editorial team in the new year. Namely with Copyscape, with which you check whether content has been copied from another website. This tool works very simply. You insert two URLs or two texts, after Malaysia Phone Number which the program compares the content. And actually, the premium version is even more beautiful. In this version you can check whether content, for example an article, is already online somewhere else. ‘Check the originality of content before publishing it online.’

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Costs you 3 cents per search. More tools and life Malaysia Phone Number hacks? Do you have additional tools, lifehacks or another tip? Something you discovered in the past year and others really need to know? Be sure to let us know in the comments below! 1. What exactly is SEO? Although it is obvious to people who deal with online marketing and copywriting, there are also many people who do not know what SEO exactly is. That makes sense, because if you’re not Malaysia Phone Number working on it, all that jargon can be quite unclear. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, in Dutch: search engine optimization. SEO is about making sure that search engines can find, read and appreciate the website.

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